About SonRise Bible Church

SonRise seeks to be a Christ-Centered Bible church declaring all glory belongs to God alone.



There is a common theme throughout all our ministries; declaring all glory to God by bringing forth the Word of God to strengthen and encourage Christians to live a biblically obedient daily lifestyle; imparting to all generations the gospel of Christ; leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ the Lord.



A church  where Jesus Christ is truly Savior and Lord, because a people truly need Jesus . . . this is evangelism.

A church where the Bible is preached and taught as God’s absolute truth, inerrant and infallible, because the Bible is the Word of God . . . this is discipleship.

A church where Jesus Christ is loved and praised, because Jesus is deserving of all our praise and love . . . This is worship.

A church where biblical love is expressed purely to people, because people need pure friendships . . . This is fellowship.

A church where the needs of people matter, because people matter to God . . . this is ministry.